Age UK Mid Devon

MPC service – Bid writing


Age UK Mid Devon encourages people to love later life. Age UK Mid Devon is a small local charity affiliated with Age UK. Their purpose is to improve the quality of life for older people and their carers. They work locally with older people and provide information, education and services. They aim to raise awareness of older people’s issues and influence policy at local level and, through Age UK, at regional and national levels.

The focus and vision for Age UK Mid Devon is to make Mid Devon a great place to grow older. Age UK Mid Devon supports the development of age friendly places. These are communities where age is not a barrier to living well and where the environment, activities and services support and enable older people to:

  • have opportunities to enjoy life and feel well
  • participate in society and be valued for their contribution
  • have enough money to live well
  • feel safe, comfortable and secure at home
  • access quality health and care

Key issues

Reduced income from statutory funding with a reduction in local authority grants. Need for increased grant income and other funding streams to ensure growth and sustainability of the charity. As well as core and project funding they required capital funding for refurbishment of the Haven Centre in Tiverton, which was also to become the new base for all staff who were relocating from previous head office.

What we did

We began work with Age UK Mid Devon in June 2016 and we are now in our fourth year. We have secured grant funding for capital, core and project funding to the value of £229,257 plus secured £70,000 social investment funding. We worked with Devon Community Foundation to secure the £70,000 loan plus a £14,000 grant for Age UK Mid Devon’s Reminder Finder Project for people with dementia.

Agreed outcomes:

  1. Capital Appeal – To devise and action a plan to secure funding towards the extension and upgrading of The Haven Centre.
  2. To advise, support and guide Age UK Mid Devon in a number of ways to improve communication with potential volunteers, members and individual donors.
  3. To raise an agreed amount of funding through trust and foundation bid writing.

Added value

Social investment work.

Change MPC has made and the impact on the organisation

“Miles Phillips Consulting Ltd really understand our charity and the services we deliver. This has helped to build the strong relationship we have with them and is reflected in the high number of successful bids achieved.” Molly Holmes Chief Officer.