Image with text 'Come on Liverpool'As a massive Liverpool Fan, 2019/2020 is the season of my life:

  • we are breaking records every week
  • we are annihilating the competition
  • we are ahead of our nearest competitor by over 20 points
  • we are on course to win out first title for 30 years
  • we are the current World Champions
  • we are the current Champions League Winners (Champions of Europe!)
  • we are the current Super Cup holders
  • we are through to the knock out rounds of the Champions League
  • we are through to the 5th round of the FA cup (even though we played a team of youngsters)
  • we have not lost a single Premier League game this season

So why do I say “we”?  After all, it is very unlikely I’m going to get a call from Jurgen Klopp at the weekend to lace up my boots against West Ham.  I say we because I am invested in this club.  I have supported Liverpool for over 30 years, I have been to Anfield many times, I wear the shirts, my Facebook profile is covered in Liverpool updates, my 6 year old Daughter is programmed to believe that Mo Salah is a god – but overall it is because I feel part of something – my team mean the world to me, and through good and bad they are always there.

When we win the Premier League this year I know that I will cry, I will be uncontrollable, I will lap up every second of watching us lift the title for the first time in 30 years – I will feel unbelievably alive and full of insurmountable joy. It will be worth the years of pain, despair and downright misery when we were struggling to make the top 4, let alone win the league. It will all be worth it!

So why am I writing about LFC when Marsha Miles Consultancy is all about fund raising?  This is how we at Marsha Miles Consultancy feel about our clients, we may not work in your team, we may not lace up our boots and go out to play, we may not be at your home ground every week – but we do feel every moment of joy and sadness experienced by our clients when we raise funds for you.  We are invested in you, your charity and the work you do.  We are cheering you on from the side lines, wearing your badge and screaming for funds.  We feel every rejection and celebrate every win.  We are your greatest fans and part of your team.

We may not have a trophy to lift when your funds come in, but we do have a bell which rings loud and clear every time a funding application is successful, (and how we love to ring that bell!).  So as Liverpool continue to surge to success in the premier league, we will continue to cheer on every client, submit your funding applications and wait to ring our bell.

You’ll Never Walk Alone with Marsha Miles Consultancy – let’s go and ring our bell!